David & Goliath

Peter Garratt brings a poignant and powerful unfolding of this story.  He speaks from his own testimony of the battle to overcome the giants in his own life.  He brings out key points about
  • The dangers of co-habiting ground occupied by the enemy 
  • God delivers in the face of overwhelming odds
  • God goes before us to provide for us
  • God prepares us in all that we learn
  • How to overcome in the face of the mountain through faith & courage
  • We are unique and we cannot wear another mans armour
  • We are equipped for the battle with Spirit, Word, Fellowship, Faith, Prayer, Fasting, Testimony, Breaking Bread, Praise & Worship.
  • Our battle is personal and a close encounter.
  • Our battle is the Lords and we have a champion in Jesus 


Listen to Peter's amazing Testimony here

Peter Garratt, 18/03/2012