Nehemiah Pt 6: God's Word at the Heart of Community 

ezra reads the law 

So often it is the walls that are built under Nehemiah's encouragement that are the focus of our attention.  Barbara Brockbank challenges us to look again and see that something far more profound occurs as a result of this leader returning to Jerusalem.  Listen to her word here or at the bottom of the page.

A Revolution

A Revolution that changes the direction of the Jewish people.  A Revolution that brings all the people not just priests, levites and scholars, but every man, woman, and child face to face with the challenge of God's word.  As Ezra reads, something stirs in the hearts of the people, a commitmentb to follow the God of their fathers in a new way. To listen carefully to the law and allow it to touch and change their lives.

Barbara calls us to look at all that God is doing in us today and see that we too will listen carefully and not miss what God is speaking to us.
Barbara Brockbank, 17/03/2015