March 8th brunch update 

So what’s this Sunday Brunch thing then?....
A time to talk together,
A time for the children and
A time to listen to what the Bible says about life.
That seems straightforward, but it also demonstrates something very important about how we see Church.
Church is a time of hospitality, when we get time to stop put all that the week has held behind us and meet with others who love Jesus and share together.
It’s a time for children as well and this demonstrates that we are an inclusive community.  Our gatherings are for all and we welcome all.
We have also come to realise that the best way to get to grips with this thing called life, is to see what God says about it and we use the Bible as an essential tool in understanding his plan for our lives.
Oh yes…. And don’t forget the food!  Jesus often gathered his friends around a table so that is what we do to and once a month we put aside time for Sunday Brunch.