A ministry of power & authority


Mark Chapters 1-8
Several weeks ago we began a journey into Mark’s Gospel. It has been wonderful to see the Holy Spirit continue the themes of this gospel in the teaching brought by Sam & Keith in the last two weeks.

I wanted to begin by reminding you of the reality of the desert out there. I was listening this week to the news of the physical drought in Australia where no significant rain has fallen for five years. Where their largest River, ‘The Murray’, now never gets to the sea because all the water is removed before it gets there.

For so many people their life is the same desert they know of no spiritual refreshment. Jesus came to bring life to that wilderness.
As he said to the Samaritan woman John 4:13-14.
But let’s leave the desert and go to the first words of Jesus’ ministry 1:15.
The Time has come
The Kingdom of God is near
Repent and believe the Good News.
Turn to Hebrews 6:1-3
What are those foundations?
1. Repentance from acts that lead to death
2. Belief/faith in God.
2. The Kingdom of God is near.
Jesus said The Kingdom of God is near. 
I could have used that for my title today, because it would help us understand so much about who Jesus really was and who we are as His followers.
In the Old testament we learn how there were three important sets of people in the nation of Israel.
There were the prophets- People like Moses, Elijah and Isaiah.
There were the priests- Like Aaron, and Eli and Zadok.
There were the kings- Like Saul and David & Solomon.
The prophets spoke God’s words to the people.
The priests carried out the sacrifices in the temple.
The Kings ruled the nation brought God’s government.
Jesus is identifying Himself as King in His first statement-
That the people who had lost their way would once again know God’s rule in their lives.
As we will see in weeks to come Jesus was also a prophet and a priest.
But today we need to recognise Jesus as a King.
But not a King as we would think.
What do Kings have?
Crowns, riches, governments, advisors, Power & authority.
Jesus astonished the people by demonstrating His power and authority very quickly and unlike any other king they had known.
3. Power
He demonstrated Power over
A Fever v 25
Disease v 34
Leprosy v 41
Paralysis 2v11
Shrivelled hand 3:5
Nature 4:39
Gynaecology 5:29 nb 30 power had gone out from him
Death or coma 5:42
Physics- feeding 5,000
Chemistry- walking on water
Healing at a distance- 7:29
And so it continues but these passages are clear demonstrations of supernatural power. He suspended the laws of nature. 
But I have missed out a massive amount of the ministry of Jesus here in these chapters.
4. Authority
Jesus also demonstrates His Kingship in His authority over earthly power and spiritual power.
Lets turn back to chapter 1
In the synagogue- he teaches as one with… v.22
Demons v 25, v34, v39,
Sin- here’s an interesting one 2:5 Which is easier to demonstrate his power who to show His authority.
Religion 16,17,27,28
Many demons ch 5
Here’s a couple of asides for you to consider
How many times in these demonstrations of power and authority did Jesus command, request silence following.
1:25 silence
34 he would not let them speak
45-46- strong warning
3:12 strict instructions
5:43 strict instructions
Note too hat whilst touch/physical contact is frequent it does not appear to be essential.
5. Kingdom Power & Authority in us.
We have Jesus demonstrating that His kingdom is different He demonstrates that all power and authority is His. But His priority is changed hearts and lives as we shall see next time.
The Kingdom rule of God begins inside each one of us.
There is a power and authority dimension to this.
Please turn to Chapter 6v7
Jesus Sends out the 12
  • Authority over evil spirits
  • Preach repentance
  • Drive out demons
  • Anoint & heal the sick
And it worked and works.


Tim Blake, 15/05/2007