1 Samuel

Peter shared from his heart the impact of this story on his life as he faces the challenges of a 'Goliath'
Jim Munson talks about the lessons to be learned from the early years of Sauls reign. He started well with the Spirit of God within him.
Brian Foster asks us the question what does it take for us to be an armour bearer like Jonathans?
Abby looks at the gifts Jonathan gives to David as a demonstration of the different ways in which he trusts honours and respects this man; laying down all that might hurt his friend. She asks us how much are we like Jonathan?
The story of Saul's downfall paints him as a real biblical villain, but we look at his life and see the choices he made. What if he had made different choices. We all face choices that can have a large impact on our future.
Ben asks us to look at the experience of David as he escapes four times from the clutches of King Saul. What can we learn from his experience.
Sue takes us through the last months of Saul's life and draws together the lessons we have learned from this series in 1 Samuel.
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