The Parables of Jesus

Chrissie brings us fresh understanding on a parable that challenges to be people of integrity. We are called to both listen to God AND to obey Him
Keith introduces our series with a challenging look at a very familiar story. He calls us to look at our prejudices and cultural baggage, and with Christ answer the question who is my neighbour
Bladimir Camacho unpacks the new wineskin that we need to become in order that we can contain the new wine. He looks at three ways in which a misunderstanding of Grace robs us of our true identity in Christ.
Barbara explores the story of the persistent neighbour; examining the nature of our relationship with God in prayer
Tim brings the vast forgiveness of God into stark relief in this parable of Jesus and calls us to live the prayer "Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us"
Jonathan shares the sense of being lost and how Jesus offers us a way to be found. His excellent depiction of the prodigal son's decline and the revelation of our Father's love is so helpful to us all
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