Finances & Giving Part 3 

Market crash

In the third in our mini series on Finance and giving,  Sue Blake asks us to consider our response to finance in the world.

  • How should involve our selves in banking and investment?
  • Should we use a credit card?
  • Should we charge interest on loans?
  • How should we give to charity?
  • How might we support the poor?

Sue is planning to train as a debt coach for Chistians against Poverty. A charity that supports people with debt problems, both practically and by demoinstrating compassion and support.  You can follow their work by clicking on the logo below

cap logo

You can listen to her teaching session by clicking here or on the link below.  Her powerpoint presentation can also be downloaded here

Here are some questions arising from this talk for you to consider

?1. What type of character are you modelling, demonstrated by how you handle your money?
?2. How well are you doing in terms of "sharing" your resources and resisting the mantra of western society to have the next best thing?
?3. How are you "loving" the foreigner, the widow, orphan or poor in our society?
?4. Ask God what you should be doing with your money.
Sue Blake, 18/11/2014