Sunday Celebration at LWCC 

Life looks a little different right now during the Coronavirus pandemic but we will not let Covid-19 stop us meeting together in person and in new and exciting ways with Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp and Zoom at our disposal. If you do feel comfortable meeting in person please email office@lwcc-basildon.com to book your space in our new venue at Honeypot Lane in Basildon town centre 

Be sure to join us for the LiveStream on FaceBook or YouTube and be sure to join us on Zoom for social time after 

LWCCLive Starts 11 00 dec

Social Time

When we aren't in Lock-down, although we believe ‘Church’ is more than a Sunday morning, we love coming together to celebrate our faith! This “gathering together” is an important part of church community life, expressing our love of Jesus and our love and care for each other,
We do that in many different ways, through prayer, singing, reading the bible and listening to people teach from the bible. We remember the death & resurrection of Jesus through sharing bread & wine together. We usually have tea & coffee after the service, providing a chance to get to know new people and catch up with other friends
We are a family church and welcome people of all ages; our Sunday morning starts at 11am, with a relaxed style of informal worship, and usually finishes about 12:30pm. We have a creche and children’s activities.
We share brunch together on the second Sunday of the month, and often have other activities arranged

Rick Harvey, 13/04/2020