The Vision and Values of our Church




(1) The Word of God

We believe in the regular teaching of God's Word (the Bible) as a vital means by which lives are changed.  The church is a place where the authority of the Bible is the plumb line for our lives.


(2) The Holy Spirit

We believe in the power of the Holy Spirit both to transform and to empower the life of the believer.  This includes being continually filled with the Holy Spirit and growing in godly character.


(3) Worship

We believe that a life of worship is central to us all.  A life filled with prayer and that follows the example of Jesus -in Breaking Bread together, Praising God and offering worship from the heart.


 (4) Church

 We believe in a church that is loving, righteous, secure and involved in world mission; a church whose people are assured of the grace of God in their lives and understand the full benefits of being in Christ.


People are important to God and we therefore seek to reach out to people in friendship and love with the message of the gospel with which we have been entrusted.  In order to do this, the church needs to be culturally relevant while still holding fast to the timeless principles of living which the Bible teaches.


(5) Small Groups

 We believe that small groups play a vital part in the life of the church, as a means of evangelism, for developing friendships and as a vehicle to express the vision and direction of the church.


(6) Belonging

 Belonging to the church is a decision which signals commitment.  This involves


On-going devotion to Christ; discipleship and accountability; relating to one another (including marriage/family life) in a godly manner; playing a full part in the life of the church and a readiness to serve in our common purpose.  Belonging to the church is not a matter of attendance only, but of commitment in heart.


(7) Giving

 We believe in giving of ourselves and all that the Lord has blessed us with, recognising that we are stewards of such provision.  All this (including regular financial giving) enables the church to operate both within the local community and beyond.


 (8) Leadership

 We believe that the church should be led by men and women with leadership gifts.  We provide training for this purpose and every encouragement to those with leadership ability.  This includes releasing those called to wider ministry.

Tim Blake, 08/06/2004