Tim puts the events leading up to the death of Jesus squarely into their place as the fulfillment of God's plan for humanity. Jesus is our Once For All sacrifice.
Peter mucked up! We muck up! Chrissie shares on Jesus' amazing response when people let Him down..
Brian provokes us to think about what Jesus' final words mean for us and whether we need to rethink our life...
Ben paints the picture of his journey and that of the Church in recent days as we have looked to God again to understand how we might best communicate His good news to the world around us.
Alan brings a powerful encouragement to us from the life of Moses In the desert- Moses spoke his heart to the people. Where they have come from. Where they were at. What they must give themselves to and a prophecy about their future.
This week I want to change my light and shine a spotlight forwards into the rest of 2012.
The problem we have with looking back, even on the most recent past, is that it can seem like shining a torch into a now darkened room. We see just parts of the whole, that which our minds rest on. The glow of the light also changes the reality sometimes.
Christine encourages us to stand firm on the rock of our faith.
Tim Blake prepares the Church for the King's coming!
Adrian Clarke brings a challenging and thought provoking word to us on the nature and implications of our identity in Christ.
Do we take the Easter story for granted? Dave encourages us to spend time considering our response to Jesus' single-mindedness entering Jerusalem.
SamDonoghue brings refreshing new insight to a familiar passage. Don't be fooled by what you have heard before, Matthew 28 demonstrates Jesus' heart to communicate Love and Grace even within what is so often called the 'Great Commission'
Peter brings to us a vision of the heavenly, eternal, universal Church that is God's chosen way of administering his kingdom in this world.
No-one can have observed the events of early 2011, without a sense of feeling- What does this mean? As nations seemed to rise and fall, Brian Foster brought a word to us that called us to watch and to pray.
William's uncompromising and challenging message will leave you keen to know more about this Jesus who saves and heals
A look at discipleship, what it means, who it's for and how it can be applied to our lives together.
Peter amazed us by taking us back and bringing new insight to the passage God had shown us in Genesis 26 concerning unblocking the wells in our lives.
Brian encourages us to dig deep in seeing the provision for all God has for us
In this the second of five sessions on the future priorities of the Church, Tim calls on God to reveal to us what it means to be a community empowered by his Holy Spirit. To be the aroma of Christ and a living letter communicationg the Gospel to all.
Christine Foster looks and the foundational role that Love plays in the Comuunity of God's people
Sue encourages us to reach for a deeper life of corporate worship.
Dave brings a message of fruitfulness to the Church Challenging us to have faith in our God who is able
Tim Calls us to look at the treasure God has placed in each one of us
The harvest of souls needs water and the water comes from within us. Jesus stood up at the Feast of the Harvest and promised the Holy Spirit would flow from our very being
This is more teaching from Ben in the Gospel teaching series, this time about the importance of Faith.
June Silber reminds us of the influence we have and Don takes us to Pauls letter to the Romans to focus our examination of the Gospel on the power of God for Salvation.
Brian challenges both our conscience as Christians and the prevailing secular fundamentalism. with a rallying call to return to the clarity of God's Word
Helen Watts speaks to us clearly about the need to turn our spiritual understanding into practical sacrificial love.
What this Psalm shows us is that God Almighty chooses YES chooses to connect His glory to the success or otherwise of the redemption of mankind.
Sue challenges us to look at our attitudes and responsiveness to the Holy Spirit
David shows us that we can still learn a lot from the sermon on the mount.
Sue developed the theme of this Parable concentrating on the Good soil rather than the inadequate soil
Sam Donoghue speaks to us about the reality of the challenges we face in our walk with God. He shows how the apostle Paul was no less challenged and wrote the Christians in Colossae with clear guidance.
Sue Blake takes a radical approach focusing on our need to understand our old self is truly dead in order to know true self control.
Dave Evans from Kings Community Church Basildon, provokes us to remember that the all powerful grace of God is poured on us, to encourage us into a godly life.
Testimony has a Kingdom purpose. It impacts our own faith and that of others. It strengthens the weary and the strong as well as challenging the lies of our age.
Ben looks at the amazing quality of Gentleness as demonstrated by Jesus and hopefully in us as we see the 'harvest' of the Spirit in us
Against the backdrop of early Church controversy David paints an up to date and relavent picture of a life walking in the Spirit.
Sue Blake continues our series on the fruit of the Holy Spirit looking at goodness, defining goodness as moral actions that spring from a life filled with God's Holy spirit.
Steve Watts challenges us to look at how God can bring maturity and strength as we stand up to the temptation in our lives and that we can see areas of potential growth in those areas that Satan attcks us with most.
Brian brings us timely wisdom from life of David
Peace for Our Time. In 1938 Chamberlain promised Peace and failed to achieve this. Jesus promises us Peace but not as the world gives.
Pete and Pat share from the word and from their life on the sustaining Joy of God
Sue Blake reminds us of the character of the prophet Daniel a man of prayer and the word. A man prepared to stand for what he believed.
Christine Foster begins our series on the fruit of the spirit from Galations 5, looking at Love. Christine looks at the life of Jesus as our model for love
We are so tempted to believe the lie of rejection and isolation. When we look at the death of Jesus, we see someone who faced it all for us.
The Word of God is a mirror into which we can look and see the image that God has of us and of the world. Hudson Luwi, of Fountain of Life Church in Lusaka. Visited Living Word Community Church and spoke to us about how God reveals Himself to us
The Triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem is the backdrop for a clash of kingdoms- The kingdom of god and the ambition of men
We continue our look at Mark's Gospel by looking at a bad week for the disciples
The seriees on Mark's Gospel continues with a look at Mark Chapter 8 and Peter's confession of Christ.
The next part of the series on Mark's gospel moves to examine the power ministry of Jesus Christ.
What kind of person will God use for His purposes. Ben explores this question looking at the life of Jonah.
This examination of the testing of Jesus provokes us to look at the testing in our own lives with new perspective.
The first of five studies in Mark's Gospel. The message we carry is the same as John the Baptist- A voice crying in the wilderness.
The Bible brings clear help to us in a world without clarity.
Finding our way in an increasingly hostile secular nation needs us to go back to the word to get our bearings
David Donoghue brings a provocative short word followed by Brian Foster with a word on breakthrough.
The teaching to date on Paul's Letter to the Romans (Ch's 1-5)
The wonderful promises that result from being justified by Jesus.
Life without Jesus can be like a doughnut- a God shaped hole we stuff with every possible rottenness to supress the truth of God.
The one driving motivation of God is to establish friendship with His people. The one driving ambition of the enemy is to isolate us from God and each other.
Strength and courage Weakness and fear run like parallel tracks through my life. Yet my God says Be strong and courageous.
I so want to see the constant working of the Holy Spirit in my life.
Look again at how you give and see if you have a heart to excel in the grace of giving. (2 Cor 8)
The topic of spritual warfare can be a mine field. So I avoid the mines by staying in the safe zone of the word of God
A look at how we bring the vision to bear on our lives
A look at God's plan to bless us abundantly
The final look at the story of Joseph looking at the work of the Holy Spirit and our need to allow Him to have complete authority.
God changes us as he changed Joseph- from a people who demand undeserved status, to a people who live out the image of Christ wearing His royal robes
God is impressing His character into us as a seal into soft clay and in turn we see His kingdom grow as we press God's Character into the world around us
The first in a series on the restoration of Jopeph, that teaches us to be confident that God speaks and is building His Kingdom using us as we co-operate with Him.
An examination of the Vision and values of LWCC
Tim took us through a study in Hebrews on the principles of faith.
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