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Romans 9 - Paul's concern for his race
Barbara Brockbank
Barbara examines some of the difficult concepts in Romans 9 and highlights Paul's distress and concern for the Jewish race. She also discusses the apparent preference God has for specific individuals amongst His chosen people, and the rejection of others, asking 'Is God unfair in this approach?' In juxtaposition, His inclusion of the gentile world in His gift of salvation reveals His amazingly merciful nature.
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  • Recorded: 17/03/2019
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Romans 8- No condemnation
Tim Blake
Tim provides a clear distinction between believing that individual effort can earn greater favour with God, and the truth that Jesus' sacrifice is solely the basis of our full acceptance by Him.
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  • Recorded: 10/03/2019
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The valley of dry bones
Raadj Gonesh
Raadj Gonesh gives an impassioned discourse using the Ezekiel 37 narrative on the valley of dry bones to show how the presence of the Holy Spirit can infuse new life into that which is spiritually dead.
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The joy of the Lord
Raadj Gonesh
Using an interpreter to translate from his native Dutch, Raadj brings a powerful message highlighting the differences between 'joy' and happiness, convincingly demonstrating that the 'The joy of the Lord' never diminishes even in times of severe adversity.
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  • Recorded: 03/03/2019
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Romans Chpt 5 recap and Chpt 6
Bladimir Comancho
Bladimir reminds us of the overwhelming, permanent love of God. His salvation plan leaves us declared 'not guilty' to all our sin, past, present and future. God's punishment for all the sins of the world has been dealt with through the sacrifice provided by Jesus' death on the cross. Such an unmerited gift from God amazingly is irrevocable and allows the believer perfect peace and abundant life.
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  • Recorded: 24/02/2019
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Romans 5 - The ability to find peace with God
Tim Blake
Tim succinctly elaborates on the difference between the Jew that lives under the Old Testament law, and the New Testament Christian who is a recipient of God's grace guaranteeing knowing peace with Him.
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The restorative love of Jesus
Rick Harvey
Rick reminds us that as Christians we are not immune from experiencing pain and suffering that this world and people can inflict, but that Jesus can and does provide restorative love to help us through such difficulties.
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  • Recorded: 10/02/2019
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Book of Romans-Chapter1
Brian Foster
With a brief account of the standing that Paul's letter to the Roman church has in Christian theology, and its usefulness in describing an unsaved person's need for God's gift of salvation, Brian attempts to describe how a Christian believer needs to show love to all who behave in a manner ignorant of God's righteous ways.
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Alpha Trailer Beth
Beth shares her experience of Alpha
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Acts 23-28 Pauls arrest and subsequent trials.
Keith Brockbank
Keith elaborates upon the situation surrounding Paul's arrest and his defence pertaining to his conversion from Judaism to Christianity.
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  • Recorded: 30/12/2018
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