Building Walls & Restoring Lives 


Below you will find the table showing the series titles.

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Date Speaker Title Chapter(s)
11 Jan Tim B Introduction to series  
Part 1 Nehemiah: Building Walls
18 Jan Sue B A Man of God 1,(5,8)
25 Jan Dave D A Man in the right place 2
1 Feb   Family Service  
8 Feb Nadim
 Nadim is a Syrian
Anglican priest from the Awareness Foundation
Speaking on
issues in the Middle East
15 Feb   We met in homes on this Sunday  
22 Feb Chrissie F

Building Together

1 March   Family Service  
Part 2 Nehemiah: Restoring Lives

8 March

Brian F

Building in the Face of Opposition


8 March Barbara B God’s word at the Heart of Community 8
15 March Keith B The Building of a Nation 9
22 March Pete G Rededication to God 10
29 March Tim B Palm Sunday  
5 April   Easter Family Service  
12 April Keith B The Dedication of the Wall & Finishing Strong 11-13
19 April Dave D Nehemiah...So What?  
Tim Blake, 19/01/2015